Press Release: Local Health Programs Get National Recognition

Indianapolis, IN – On May 24, 2019, the Health Advocacy was featured in Rural Health Models & Innovations, a national collection of successful rural health programs and interventions maintained by the Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub).

The Health Advocacy Summit provides advocacy resources for young adults with chronic and rare diseases in Indiana, Texas, California, and North Carolina. The program’s mission is to create events across the nation that empower young adults with chronic and rare diseases to become advocates and change-makers in society

Since 2017 the Health Advocacy Summit has facilitated events in three states, including Texas, Indiana, and North Carolina with California being added in 2019. Health Advocacy Summit has partnered with organizations and advocates in the chronic and rare disease space to provide advocacy resources and connections for young adults.

“We are really trying to create outreach to an often forgotten demographic, young adults with chronic and rare diseases. We are especially interested in connecting and providing support to this population in rural communities, where resources and a network of support may not be as accessible,” said Sneha Dave, executive director of Health Advocacy Summit.

The Health Advocacy Summit was selected by RHIhub because of its innovate services and impact on rural communities. To read the full project summary, visit

RHIhub is a national online information center on rural health issues, funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Their website includes over 12,000 resources specific to rural health. Rural Health Models & Innovations features hundreds of successful programs that are serving rural residents across the nation.